Waste Composition Analysis

As part of our waste management consultancy, Integrated Skills Ltd. have conducted a number of Waste Composition Analysis projects since 2010. Our in-house team supported by associates with specialist technical expertise are able to provide effective analysis of Waste Composition across the UK & Channel Islands.

These projects are principally conducted in partnership with Local Authorities, who have an intention to improve public services in the waste sector by understanding the types of waste are being generated and where.

Every authority has varied objectives for a WCA, though there are some common themes, such as:

  • Understanding the waste stream; which services are contaminated and with what types of waste e.g. recyclable packaging within residual collections
  • Designing recycling schemes by investigating the quantity of recyclable materials that are being disposed of through the different streams – recycling, residual, garden & food as well as understanding the quantity of vehicles and operatives required
  • Considering a glass collection service
  • The identification of recyclable materials and quantities within residual collections – often conducted to examine the success or failure of an authority-wide scheme encouraging better public engagement.
  • Tailoring education programmes in order to more effectively engage the public in resource and waste management
  • Strategic management of waste services

ISL presented a masterclass in June 2019 as part of our Summer Series of webinars, detailing the most effective approach to undertaking a WCA. View our masterclass here.

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