About us

A partnership, life-time approach to working with clients has led to decades of success since our incorporation in 1993. We have continually developed new and innovative software and services for clients.

Our Purpose

Through the provision of innovative software solutions and specialised consultancy services our purpose is to provide insights that allow strategic teams to make informed decisions and empower operational teams to optimally manage assets & processes so that they can deliver services efficiently and effectively.

We provide software and consultancy services throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and MENA regions in the following sectors:
Parcel & Post
Newspapers (distribution)

Our Values

Our Company Values guide us. As an Employee Owned Trust the majority of the shares are held in trust on behalf of all employees. Employees take an active role in influencing the strategic direction of the company as well as internal operations.

Our guiding principles are:

  • We are professional, and provide high quality solutions & services
  • We do innovative & interesting work
  • We strive to create an open and safe working environment
  • We promote a no blame, supportive culture
  • We promote a positive work/life balance
  • We promote collaborative team working
  • We encourage new ideas
Timeline of Success
Launch of SmartSuite Trade Waste & Jobs Management Modules
Launch of SmartSuite Mobile & Web Modules; ISL changes ownership to become an Employee Owned Trust
Development of SmartSuite MVP begins
First RaaS (Routing-as-a-Service) subscription for dynamic routing
Redevelopment of Performance Manager incorporating smartphone & tablet functionality
Launch of HighwayWorx
Development of Fusion online solution
Launch of Navigator in-cab solution for the navigation of optimised routes
Launch of TrafficWorx
Development and installation of Performance Manager in Bahrain
Conducts first Waste Composition Analysis project in Guernsey
Gained rights to sell WinRoute
Launches waste permitting and planning service for private waste & recycling collectors
First sale of RouteSmart-for-ArcGIS to UK local authority; Company recruits route optimisation sales & support team
Gains exclusive rights to sell RouteSmart-for-ArcGIS into UK waste sector
Becomes a partner with Esri UK (www.esri.com/uk) and Ordnance Survey (www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk)
Development of Island Roadworks Information System (IRIS), the forerunner to Trafficworx, for States of Guernsey
Integrated Skills Limited formed as a solid waste management consultancy company. Providing consultancy services worldwide focussing on the delivery of strategic, economic, commercial, legal, technical, operational and institutional advice to the private sector and to national, regional and local governments sometimes on behalf of international financial institutions and donor agencies
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