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Performance Manager contractor management software has been successfully implemented and used in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 2010. It is used to manage over 30 municipal environmental services.

Performance Manager

Performance Manager is a software solution for the management of waste, recycling & environmental services as well as real time contract monitoring. It includes a wide range of functional features including GIS integration, business process management, inspections, reporting, and Android and iOS apps with multi-lingual user interfaces for mobile working.

Performance Manager ensures the efficient delivery of waste management, city cleansing and other environmental services, and provides a detailed and holistic view of operational performance, contractual compliance and strategic needs of client authorities and service providers. At any time, inspectors, supervisors and managers can view current activity – recently logged, in progress, completed, outstanding – as well as historical activity.

Key Performance Manager benefits


Efficient management of waste, cleansing & environmental service contracts


Facilitates collaboration between client and contractor staff

Strategic support

Provides longer term strategic decision support

Effective management

Enhanced protection and increased asset life through more effective management of assets (protecting public investment)


Provides transparency and accountability

Full audit

Provides a detailed evidence base and full audit trails to facilitate dispute resolution, internal audit requirements, etc.

Live View

Public website

Improved customer service to the public and greater availability of information potentially including a public website with up-to-date information on selected activities

Environmental Job Management Services

  • Waste & recycling container/bin collection for domestic & trade
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Bin/container deployment & mapping
  • Bulky waste collection
  • Cleaning & maintenance of waste containers
  • Fly tip removal
  • Litter and debris removal
  • Street litter bin emptying
  • Manual & mechanical street sweeping
  • Provision of litter bins
  • Removal of dead animals
  • Septic tank emptying
  • Street washing
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