Road Works Management & Highways Maintenance

Trafficworx is a software solution for managing and co-ordinating road works and other activities on the road network.


Trafficworx provides highways authorities and key stakeholders (utility companies, contractors, emergency services, etc) with digital mapping, a planning database and automated procedures to manage the road network effectively, to avoid traffic disruption and reduce the impact of road works.

As information moves between highways authorities and stakeholders, permit applications for works are approved and information is automatically published on a website, enabling the public to see live information on the current and expected status of road works and diversion routes.

Trafficworx also handles a vast array of other processes essential to effective road works planning and co-ordination including inspection and rectification procedures.

Key features of Trafficworx


Coordination and management of all street-based activities through all stages from long term planning to urgent & emergency works


Comprehensive GIS integration for map-based functionality

Mobile applications

Mobile applications to facilitate onsite working (Mobileworx)

Real-time information

Real-time information including dashboards and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting


Fully managed and hosted web-based solution

Highly configurable

Highly configurable to specifically addresses local requirements

Cost recovery module

Charging / cost recovery module


Furthermore, because of the flexible nature of the underlying technology, Trafficworx can be readily adapted to meet individual clients’ needs and linked to existing systems.

Highwayworx is a software solution for the management of reactive highways maintenance works.

Key features of Highwayworx


Inspection route management and scheduling and inspection of faults logged by the public


Recording of defects and follow up inspections


Creation and pricing of maintenance works (to rectify defects)

Single Source of Truth


Assignment of works to framework contractors and other service providers


Management of works through to completion, sign-off and payment


Seamless link to Trafficworx for permit management and coordination

Mobile application

Mobile application for integrated onsite working (Mobileworx)

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