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SmartSuite Waste Management Sofware. A single, unified view for your operations

SmartSuite by Integrated Skills


Our SmartSuite Waste Management Sofware offering, is a new solution that enables local authorities to manage their waste, recycling, street cleansing, gully emptying, winter maintenance & related services efficiently, safely and with resilience.

All services are managed from a single, map-based platform in the Cloud that enables teams to track day-to-day service activity in real time, make instant & effective operational decisions and view service history. SmartSuite can be positioned as the ‘single source of truth’ for waste & recycling, street cleansing, winter maintenance & all related services.

Benefits of SmartSuite
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Single Source of Truth

All services are managed from a single, map-based platform in the Cloud that enables teams to track day-to-day service activity in real time, make instant & effective operational decisions and view service history.  Apply live updates to service data for mobile operatives, and synchronise routing data. SmartSuite can be positioned as the ‘single source of truth’ for waste & recycling, street cleansing, winter maintenance & all related services.

In-cab Service Verification

The in-cab solution navigates drivers along optimised routes using GPS to create completion data and enables the users to report issues, including ad-hoc jobs for non-service specific tasks. Two way messaging allows immediate communication between operations management and the crews.

Jobs Management

Tasks are created and assigned in Jobs Management or via a CRM and delivered to operatives in SmartSuite Mobile

  • Flagged on the map, operatives will attend the site and undertake the work, confirming completion to the back-office
  • Planned, cyclical and ad-hoc jobs can be managed together
  • Management reports to monitor performance
  • Tasks are assigned to crews based on skillset and proximity
  • Tasks are time-bound with warnings when completion dates approach
Turn-by-turn Navigation

Route Optimisation

SmartSuite is fully integrated with Route Optimisation solutions, including RouteSmart for ArcGIS for static routes and RaaS for dynamic routes.

Single Source of Truth


Residents can view online collection calendars, members can view reports by ward and managers can access current & historical performance data. With APIs to CRM, telematics, weighbridge, finance, bin sensors and other systems, SmartSuite is the UK’s most advanced management solution for local authorities and their contractors.

Food Waste

Food Waste Modelling

Using the World leading RouteSmart route optimisation software in tandem with Ordnance Survey data and the client’s own sources, ISL can

  • Model strategic scenarios including new and/or expanded food waste collection services as well as site selection for new depots, transfer stations & emptying locations
  • Provide rapid deployment modelling options for last minute service roll outs

Food Waste Modelling

Shopfront Integrated Skills

Commercial Waste

SmartSuite Trade Waste manages the end-to-end process of commercial waste collection enabling local authorities to increase revenues and maximise profits by streamlining daily activities. Manual processes are automated and unnecessary administration minimised allowing the entire team to concentrate on creating business value and delivering client satisfaction.

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SmartSuite Beneficiaries

SmartSuite Presentation

SmartSuite Manages
Bin Integrated Skills

Waste & Recycling

SmartSuite manages residential and commercial residual waste, recycling (co-mingled and kerbside sort), food waste (separate or podded vehicles), garden/organic waste (free or subscription services), bulky, clinical and all related collection activity. Through an easy-to-use, map-based interface users can create, process, edit & close jobs, assign & edit collections to optimised routes, view service history, weighbridge data and a host of other performance data and indicators. The notifications engine ensures waste data, jobs and/or new subscribers can be processed automatically.

Wheel barrow Integrated Skills

Garden & Food Waste

Residents can sign up to new or paid for services, like garden waste. The office team can manage subscriptions, renewals, missed collections and ad hoc jobs using SmartSuite easily & efficiently with  every update recorded in an audit trail. An API with the finance and/or CRM systems mean that when payments are received tasks can be manually or automatically assigned. Business processes can be fully automated, semi-manual or manual dependent on client requirements.

Shopfront Integrated Skills

Commercial Waste

SmartSuite has a dedicated module for commercial waste to manage all aspects of a local authority services. From quote through contract signage to waste transfer notes and annual renewal reminders the commercial waste module has everything you need to manage a cost-effective operation. The flexible workflow system that underpins SmartSuite enables clients to adapt the software to manage their own unique way of working, which is so important in the commercial waste business as operated by local authorities. Contract dates with differing service start and end dates are covered as are multiple bin collection frequencies based on the type of waste or recycling to be collected. The module works seamlessly with the mobile app used in domestic collections so if fully interchangeable between vehicles and crews.

SmartSuite Trade supports the authority’s trade waste service:

  • Provides all trade waste administration – new customers, quotes, contracts, waste transfer notes
  • Pro-forma invoicing
  • Audit trail of customer interactions
  • Annual Price setting & budget planning
  • Viewing service capacity & allocation of new customer service days
  • Enhanced in-cab functionality
  • View all work during the day
  • View contracted services provided to a customer
  • Displays stop notices on contracts for drivers
Cleanse Integrated Skills

Street Cleansing

As well as ensuring that operatives follow and tracks the progress of planned, optimised sweeping routes, SmartSuite Mobile in-cab app, also enables drivers to respond to messages to divert to other high priority tasks for them to complete. Routes can even be re-optimised on the fly and the nearest driver guided to it. Drivers can also report on what they see with jobs automatically allocated to teams, such as, clear a fly tip. Once complete, the driver can be guided back to the planned route and continue where they left off.

Sofa Integrated Skills

Bulky Waste

SmartSuite Waste Management Sofware can manage the complex bulky waste process from start to finish including inspections (if required), booking a slot by type including POPs (sofa, fridge, washing machine, etc) and allocating automatically the most appropriate crew, day, and time slot. APIs with payment systems ensure that collections only happen after payments are processed.

Snow Integrated Skills

Winter Maintenance & Gully Emptying

Crews follow optimised routes and arrive at their service start location on the correct side of the road and in the correct lane. Multiple-passes are directed and completed without overwriting previous data. Two-way communications ensure that drivers are able to report on any service issues and also receive updates from the depot including weather warnings.

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