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Dynamic Routing & Variable Route Planning

For Dynamic Route planning and Variable Routing, our RaaS (Routing as a Service) portal is a Cloud-based optimisation service with a standard API.

Dynamic Vehicle Routing

Reducing travel distances and man hours – even by a small percentage – from every route, every day, can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds per week, and give companies a competitive edge.

This online route planning service creates optimised routes that adhere to routing parameters (such as delivery time windows, start times & maximum driving hours) and that have a balanced workload (by number of service locations and time) across the fleet.

“For fleets from 5 to 5000 vehicles, RaaS can scale to manage all fleets sizes, and can even cope with a fleet comprising differing vehicle types and capacities. In fact, RaaS can even produce routes for people who walk their routes such as meter readers and postal workers!”

Parcel and Post Route Planning
The route planning service provides you with the power to:

Balance workload

Generate new routes or balance existing routes with equal workloads across the fleet.  Consider all aspects of the job, from vehicle safety inspections at the start of the day to drive time, service activity time, intermediate facility time and refuelling at the end of the day.


Be more efficient

Maximise the efficiency of your fleet by reducing non-productive time and do more with less.  Decrease the total number of routes required to provide your services and reduce distance travelled.

Problem solve

Solve routing problems in seconds with the fully scalable dynamic routing service.  Rapidly generate multiple solutions with different settings to evaluate various fleet requirements, target working hours / shift patterns, depot locations or service priorities.

Satisfy customers

Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time deliveries

Save money

Save money with an externally provided, online web service


Deliver on time

Meet critical delivery times and lower redelivery costs.  Generate routes with service time windows on a per customer / site level.  Automatically produce planned arrival times per customer location and apply priorities to customers with specific requirements.

Save time

Remove the burden on drivers to plan their own routes, or manually reconfigure poorly sequenced schedules.  Help drivers get on the road quicker and deliver/collect more.

Route optimisation in-Cab
Parcel & Post

Dynamic Routing: Making Sure to Deliver on Deliveries

4.2 billion parcels were delivered across the UK in 2020/2021 and that figure is only set to rise as more and more of us opt to shop online. Deliveries to retail locations are soon to be overtaken by deliveries straight to consumers’ homes. Great if you’re the consumer but what if you’re the company trying to stay on top of growing delivery demands?

The cost of failed deliveries in the UK is estimated to be a staggering £1.6 billion according to a 2018 report. Failed deliveries included deliveries that needed re-delivery or collection, those that were lost and those that didn’t arrive within the expected timeframe.

That cost doesn’t just affect the consumer who has to pick up a delivery themselves, or the retailer who has to replace a lost parcel or compensate for late delivery. It also affects the courier who gets tangled up in seemingly endless re-deliveries.

With such a high price to pay, getting your delivery routes right becomes all-important. Shaving off just a few minutes or metres per delivery can mean the difference from making all your scheduled deliveries that day or not.

And even if your deliveries are on time, every time, optimising your delivery routes can give you that competitive edge, saving you hundreds or even thousands of Pounds.

Delivery Route Planning FAQs

How can you get that edge?

With RaaS (Routing as a Service), an online route planning service for effective dynamic routing and variable route planning.

You set the parameters, your delivery time windows, when your drivers will set off and maximum driving hours. Then you let the system do the hard work of optimising your routes across your fleet.

What do you stand to gain?

Fewer, quicker and shorter routes. But that’s just for starters.

With dynamic Route planning across your fleet, your workforce gets a balanced workload, your customers get on-time deliveries and your bottom line gets a boost thanks to lower re-delivery costs, more deliveries per day and route problems solved faster. What’s more, all of this is made easily accessible via a straightforward online user interface.

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