Utilities – Meter Reading

Efficient route planning is a key element in driving down costs in energy and water meter reading, installation, inspection operations

Route Planning for Utilities

This is where route optimisation software solutions from ISL really makes a difference. Route optimisation and route planning software from ISL enables utility companies and their contractors to reduce and/or cap costs through the production of:

  • optimised routes (created daily or as and when required) and/or
  • balanced territories/areas that incorporate read volumes over time

ISL offers a comprehensive suite of route planning & route optimization GIS based software to manage the walking and/or driving of:

  • Meter reading routes
  • Combined energy and water routes
  • Smart meter inspection, installation & maintenance routes
  • Smart meter signal strength testing route design
Meter Reading Integrated Skills
Utilities - Meter Reading Integrated Skills

The Power of GIS

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is now part of most modern utility services. But when it comes to route or territory (area) planning for field service crews, meter reading operations and related activities such as inspections, meter swap-outs and maintenance service activities, many utilities continue to use manual techniques or rely on non-GIS based scheduling software.
RouteSmart for ArcGIS and the Cloud based Routing-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions empower clients to:

  • Balance routes and meter reading cycle days based on total route time desired, number of crews available, number of stops/meters to service, or geographic preference of the workload territory
  • Automatically sequence route-level workloads in optimal order that minimizes driving and/or walking time
  • Provide full, open standards–based import and export support for getting data between route optimisation and other systems
  • Increase meter reading efficiency and achieve per-meter cost-to-read goals
  • Create detailed street-level routing directions that can be sent to field devices or in-cab systems

Current and past clients include Airtricity and their contractors.

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