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Parcel & Post Deliveries

ISL provides “first and last mile” route optimisation solutions to mail and parcel organisations across Europe and the Middle East. Efficient delivery and collection operations is key to competitiveness for both national and regional operators, whether in the public or private sector.

Parcel & Post

Parcel and Post

In an age where mail and parcel distribution volumes fluctuate daily it is imperative that companies have the most effective route optimisation software to adapt to the dynamic environment. As national organisations attempt to increasingly combine parcel delivery on mail routes, the capability to optimise combined routes is critical in achieving efficiency targets.

This is where route optimisation software solutions from ISL delivers! Deploying the World leading RouteSmart suite of route optimisation solutions, ISL can ensure that delivery and collection routes are executed at optimal levels.

Route optimisation for parcels
Deployed software includes:

RouteSmart for ArcGIS

RouteSmart for ArcGIS is the World’s leading route optimisation software that ensures organisations keeps up with the demands of an ever changing operating environment. With the capability to manually adjust geospatial data, such as mail box positions, service times, route lengths, as well as the underlying travel network, RouteSmart for ArcGIS is ideal for tactical planning. Through the macro language provided with the software, many of the processes can be automated enabling clients to automatically insert deliveries and/or collections onto pre-planned routes. RouteSmart for ArcGIS can be deployed in a desktop environment, a virtualised infrastructure or externally hosted.

Routing-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Routing-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a SaaS only deployment that exposes the optimisation algorithms used in RouteSmart for ArcGIS. Based in the Cloud, these algorithms are accessed by web services using standard APIs. RaaS is used to automatically manage a variety of lower density route optimisation requirements at high volume. Examples include:

Changes to daily postal rounds:

  • Insert/delete new deliveries/collections
  • Update existing routes
  • Provide detailed, navigable route and sequence information
  • Split routes to account for real world issues, such as absenteeism, that results in routes have to be combined

Dynamic routing of parcel deliveries/collections:

  • Create brand new routes based on demand
  • Balance daily workload across existing resource
  • Create delivery order sequence
  • Handle service with critical delivery times
  • Save time planning routes
  • Re-order current plans due to changes in the field
  • Insert and sequence last minute orders
Route Optimisation for Deliveries

Both route optimisation solutions interface with sortation machines, in-cab and handheld devices.

European users of the RouteSmart software include Swiss Post, Posti, Croatia Post, BringCity Mail, easy2you (formerly Norpost), Whistl (formerly TNT Post UK), Nexive (formerly TNT Post Italy), Isle of Man Post Office, Jersey Post and Luxembourg Post. Globally clients include the United States Postal Service, Australia Post, Malaysia Post and OnTrac to name just a few.

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