Route Optimisation & GIS Consultancy

For over 20 years we have been providing route optimisation & GIS consultancy services to more than 100 UK local authority and private sector clients, covering local government environmental services, private waste & recycling contractors, utility (meter reading) companies as well as companies with logistic operations.

GIS Services Integrated Skills

Using RouteSmart for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, ESRI’s Network Analyst, Ordnance Survey data and other sources, ISL can:

  • Model strategic scenarios, such as, impact of new services, introduction of alternative fuel vehicles, site selection of new depots, etc
  • Provide rapid deployment modelling options for last minute service roll outs
  • Model options for unitary authorities examining cross boundary working, depot & fleet rationalisation and collection frequency harmonisation
  • Deliver detailed turn-by-turn routes that are balanced & efficient removing duplicated work and travel

For Local authority environmental services and their private contractors, we deliver optimised routes for waste & recycling services, street cleansing services, including litter bins and gullies, winter maintenance services, grounds maintenance and other cyclical routing tasks.

For utilities involved in meter reading operations we create balanced workload across geographic teams as well as balance workload across time based on meter read cycles. For those companies that are looking to merge energy with water meter reading ISL can offer unparalleled industry experience.

We also conduct address validation and geocoding projects for clients in the UK and across the EMEA region using various source data including streets data from (HERE).


Our partnership approach

We encourage a partnership approach with clients and adapt our project management approach to the needs of the client. A typical project approach could include:

Our Partnership Approach Integrated Skills


Our highly experienced team

We have a team of highly experienced route optimisation consultants led by our Client Services Director. We prioritise project quality and our project approach, standards and outputs are peer-reviewed within our consultancy team and signed off by the Director.



We expect to deliver at least 10-20% efficiency improvement over manually planned routes.



Our route outputs can be provided in multiple formats including GIS shapefiles, formatted route sheets and maps, Excel spreadsheets, or formatted for export to in-cab systems.


Local Government Clients

We have worked with a number of newly formed unitary authorities and waste management partnerships delivering consultancy reports for cross boundary working, collection frequency harmonisation and depot & fleet rationalisation. The unitary authorities of Durham and Northumberland as well as the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership have successfully conducted strategic modelling projects thanks to ISL.


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