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RouteSmart™ is the World’s leading route optimisation software and is available exclusively in the UK, as well as other European and Middle Eastern countries from Integrated Skills.

Multi Route Planner

Through RouteSmart for ArcGIS & RouteSmart Online, users can create strategic routes or operational, on-the-fly routes, conduct modelling (what-if scenarios) and manipulate location data within the GIS. RouteSmart for ArcGIS can be deployed on a PC or server, on-premise or externally hosted. Elements of the route optimisation can also be automated as the software is deployed with its own scripting language. See our brochure here.

RaaS is a Cloud only, system-to-system solution for the dynamic (operational) route optimisation of low-density routes generated as and when required, with no user interaction.

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RouteSmart can help manage:

Waste & Recycling

Waste Management Route Optimisation for Residential and commercial residual waste, recycling (co-mingled and kerbside sort), food waste collections (separate or podded vehicles), garden/organic waste (free or subscription services), bulky, clinical and related collections.  Routing at the individual property level to consider individual service times, container weights, assisted collections, multiple containers and collection methodologies.

Winter maintenance

Winter maintenance, including snow ploughing, gritting and salting routes.  RouteSmart can optimise and plan priority routes, evaluate route coverage and factor in climatic domains.  Multi-lane and multi-pass routing is fully supported to ensure 100% treatment in those areas that need it.

Street cleaning

Mechanical and manual street cleansing, gully emptying, leaf collection, litter/dog bin emptying, graffiti removal, street washing and other services that require every street to be serviced.  Multi-pass, multi-modal and park & loop routing is fully support for driving and walking routes.


Inspector & survey routing (highways, housing, parking, etc)

Parcel and postal deliveries

Parcel and postal deliveries & collections including “First Mile” and “Last Mile”.  Multi-model and park & loop routing to support van driven routes, motorcycle routes, tricycle routes, bicycle routes and walking trolley routes.

Meter Reading

Meter reading, inspections, installation and maintenance, non-communicating Smart meters, including automated meter reading (AMR).  Mixed mode and park & loop routing for driving and walking routes.

Social care transportation

Adult and child social care transportation


Newspaper deliveries and Door drop deliveries

Waste Management Route Optimisation Utilities Integrated Skills

Route Optimization

RouteSmart solutions integrate seamlessly with ESRI’s ArcGIS family of products and can utilise GIS data such as vehicle tracking, as well as client and facility datasets.

The solution is continuously enhanced and updated with all new releases of ESRI ArcGIS software and utilises the latest map data from HERE (formerly Navteq), Ordnance Survey and other mapping sources.

ISL clients adopt RouteSmart in a number of ways.  Some clients opt to purchase the software, alongside full training and a knowledge-transfer mentoring program, to operate the system in-house.  Others choose to contract with ISL on a consultancy basis to produce optimised rounds and routes.  Increasingly a best-of-both-worlds hybrid approach is taken to identify ‘quick wins’ via a consultancy project, followed by on-going route optimisation utilising RouteSmart in-house. Following on, some clients require bespoke scripting for their services, which ISL have written and supported.

Three ways that route optimisation can benefit your business

Greater customer satisfaction

How many times have you heard people complain about the huge timeslots given by delivery companies when they’ve ordered something? Imagine what would happen if yours could be the provider that offers a more accurate timeslot to clients.

Precise delivery predictions are possible with route optimisation software such as RouteSmart™ from Integrated Skills.

If you are able to give your clients a narrower delivery slot, it can become a unique selling point for your product that helps you stand out from competitors. It shows you respect their time and it means that taking delivery of your product is more convenient for them. Qualities like this are the subtle but impactful ones that help to build client relationships and improve retention and recommendation rates.


Greener business

Being environmentally conscious is steadily becoming compulsory for businesses. Not only is it ethical to begin investing in your efficiency, it’s also great for publicity. Tomorrow’s customers value green credentials and use them to make buying choices.

Route optimisation means greater fuel efficiency and potentially lower costs when it comes to emissions zones in the major cities. You’ll also see statistical improvements in these areas. These figures can be part of advertising and social media campaigns which deliver the message of social responsibility to your customers.

Financial gains

RouteSmart™ is an investment in your business. Using the Integrated Skills software, you have the potential to both save and make money. These are just some of the ways you can experience financial gains:

  • Efficient travel means more stops per day
  • Shorter routes mean lower fuel bills
  • Customer satisfaction means improved retention and referral rates
  • Greener travel means lower payments in emissions zones
  • Software planning means saving the time and money you normally spend on getting someone to plan the routes
  • Accurate information means improved training and productivity rates for your drivers.

To get tailored insight into the real cost savings you can experience with RouteSmart™, get in touch with Integrated Skills today.

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