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Newcastle CC Integrated Skills


  • Route Optimisation
  • Waste Management
  • GIS
  • Recycling

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£248 000 saved by Newcastle City Council’s Waste Management Team

Newcastle City Council has redesigned services using a combination of Ordinance Survey data, Route Optimisation for waste collections with GIS software and vehicle tracking.

Waste Route efficiencies save council over £100,000 in annual fuel costs.

Following a restructure and budget cuts, Newcastle City Council had to look at ways to optimise many of their services including Waste Management. By using free PSMA data from Ordnance Survey, routes have been planned more effectively leading to a reduction in the fleet of vehicles, fewer miles covered and tens of thousands of pounds saved in fuel.

Mapping out Efficiencies

As local authorities strive to meet EU waste targets under constrained budgets, many are looking to  improve the efficiency of waste collection services. With population growth and housing developments also contributing to increases in service demand, councils are under more pressure than ever before.

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