In-cab Navigation & Service Verification

In-cab solutions for high density, precision route navigation.

Navigation, Route Guidance and Service Verification

In-Cab solutions for Android or Windows, SmartSuite Mobile & RouteSmart Navigator meet the high density, precision navigation requirements of driving over a customised road network as associated with the following operations:

  • Waste & recycling collection
  • Winter maintenance
  • Street cleansing
  • Gully emptying
  • Parcel delivery
  • Forestry
  • Meter reading
  • Newspaper delivery

The in-cab, touchscreen solutions ensure that drivers view every detail of a route so the optimised travel path can be followed easily.

Read more about SmartSuite here.

In Cab and Reporting Navigator Integrated Skills
Visibility Integrated Skills

Audible and visual

Audible and visual service and street instructions/notes

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Route Guidance

Enable Route Guidance for dynamic turn-by-turn navigation through routes and designated travel paths

Hazard Alerts

Hazard alerts

Audible and visual Health & Safety hazard alerts



In-cab reporting of street and service issues



Integrations include:

  • Tracking
  • Telematics
  • Spreader boxes
  • Brushes up/down
Live View


We have customers using SmartSuite Mobile and RouteSmart Navigator in the UK, Europe and USA for Waste, Streets and Surveying projects.

Location Mode

Location mode

Location only mode option (no navigation instructions but with visual and audible street and service notes)



Simulation for route examining routes. Extensive support pages and guidance

Large Display

Interactive Displays

Clear touchscreen displays for easy use on a range of devices

In-Cab Navigation & Reporting


Our in-cab solutions provide audio and visual turn-by-turn navigation instructions and service-specific instructions such as, “blast grit” and “increase spread rate” for winter maintenance and “assisted collection” or “customer on stop” for waste collection.

They also allows drivers to report back service issues using the in-cab touchscreen device.

There is a location only mode, allowing operators to travel the route without navigation instructions but with visual and audio service notes.

Additional tracking tools with online views of live routes available.

According to Mark Mohun, Business Analyst at Newcastle City Council:

“… we can send out any driver on any route and know that it is being covered properly, and actually have the system tell us what the status is of any particular route. If a section is missed the driver is guided back to complete it unless he inputs data explaining why it is not possible to cover that section. We can also update the routes as the road system changes and as our winter equipment profile changes.”

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