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Minimising street work disruption on the Island of Jersey through enhanced co-ordination

The States of Jersey invest in Trafficworx from Integrated Skills Ltd.

The States of Jersey have invested in the Trafficworx street works coordination software system from Integrated Skills Ltd (ISL) to improve internal efficiencies and enhance the dissemination of street works related data to the public.
The largest and most southerly of the Channel Islands, the Island of Jersey is just 14 miles (22.5km) from the coast of France and 100 miles (161km) south of mainland Britain. It covers 45 square miles (116 square kilometres) and has over 530 miles (850km) of roads.

The management of the street network is divided between 13 different highways authorities. Historically, coordination of street works was managed with a mix of paper index cards and a map on the wall with sticky notes attached. After a poor experience with a leading highways management software system, which failed to address the key requirement for coordination as well as being cumbersome and costly to expand and administer, the States of Jersey selected ISL’s Trafficworx.

According to Carl Dodd, Senior Engineer – Transport Policy in the Department for Infrastructure (DFI), “Jersey is more ambitious than most UK based authorities when it comes to street works coordination”. With such a compact and busy road network, street works can have significant impacts on traffic flows so the key objective in Jersey was to minimise disruption through increased coordination between the 13 highways authorities and the utility companies. Carl continues “Trafficworx is great: A single system to manage all the requirements of the highways authorities, the utility companies and other stakeholders, such as, contractors, bus companies, and the emergency services”.

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The solution de-skills and de-risks the street works coordination process as much of the business knowledge and rules are held within the system which is especially useful when handing over projects to colleagues.

Trafficworx applies a fresh approach to road works planning and co-ordination as it builds on the best principles of community leadership, e-governance and public-private sector partnerships. Trafficworx uses digital mapping, a planning database and automated procedures to allow stakeholders to plan works, to co-ordinate works with other stakeholders, and to indicate precisely when and where the works will take place. As information moves between the highways authorities and stakeholders, applications for planned works are approved and information can be automatically published on a website, enabling the public to see where approved road works will be or are currently being carried out. The system also handles a vast array of other processes essential to effective road works planning, co-ordination and implementation including inspection and rectification procedures for reinstatements.

Trafficworx is based on a permit application system although it operates equally well in a notification environment. As Carl notes, “Jersey is moving from a notification based system toward a formal permit based system which is made possible thanks to Trafficworx”. The utility companies “love it” as it gives them full visibility over the notification – consultation – permit process with the ability to chase requests and respond quickly and easily. A mobile application allows utility companies and their contractors to easily submit variation requests, and completion & trench registration details to Trafficworx whilst on site.

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The Trafficworx system has made significant efficiency savings within DFI. Carl says, “… we are doing our jobs more efficiently as we can concentrate more on strategic issues thanks to the speed at which we can execute day-to-day activities.”

In Jersey, the Trafficworx system is also enabling DFI to improve its KPI reporting. Until now, reporting was rather haphazard with a lack of accurate data but, thanks to Trafficworx, the department can now produce detailed and meaningful reports accurately reflecting its performance against plan.

In 2017, the Trafficworx system was extended to fully integrate with Highwayworx, which is an ISL solution for the management of highways maintenance. Highwayworx, which is provided on desktop and mobile platforms, includes inspection of faults logged by the public, inspection routes scheduling, and defect and job management including framework contractor procedures from pricing through to payment.

The next module to be added to the Trafficworx system will facilitate charging and cost recovery.

About States of Jersey’s Department for Infrastructure
The States of Jersey’s Department for Infrastructure’s ( responsibilities include:

  • the provision of sustainable and efficient waste management facilities
  • the development and operation of schemes for waste minimisation and recycling
  • the provision, management and maintenance of the foul and surface water sewerage system
  • the treatment and disposal of the Island’s liquid waste
  • the management of the main road network
  • the monitoring and management of public transport
  • the management of traffic systems
  • the provision and management of parking facilities
  • ensuring motor vehicles are roadworthy and drivers competent
  • the maintenance and cleaning of public spaces, amenities, structures and sea defences
  • the provision and maintenance of formal parks, gardens, open spaces and amenity areas
  • the States of Jersey property portfolio
  • the delivery of major States of Jersey building projects
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