The Benefits and Challenges of Introducing Connected Technology

Webinar hosted by Integrated Skills

July 2019

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On Friday 19th July, in partnership with Colchester Borough Council, we hosted a webinar on The Benefits and Challenges of Introducing Connected Technology.

Vaughan Johnson and Darren Marzell presented on the success of integrating RouteSmart, Fusion, Navigator, Fusion API and Microsoft Dynamics in order to improve in order to improve service performance and quality. A key theme was the importance to the service from developing this single source of truth which means that both operational service staff and customer services teams can all view live work progress and can both offer customers accurate service information and also not spend time and resources on unnecessary double-handing of work, such as returning for missed collections where bins were not presented.

Colchester has an ambition to automate the production of balanced and efficient routes as far as possible using RouteSmart’s automated scripting functionality, so that the service is truly managed by exception as far a s possible.

View Vaughan’s presentation here

Watch and listen to the entire webinar below. Some details have been omitted in accordance with GDPR legislation.

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