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Environmental Job Management

Performance Manager for the management of waste, recycling & environmental services as well as real time contractor monitoring.

Integrated Skills has developed Performance Manager (PM), a waste and environmental management software solution with GIS and mobile device functionality integrating data collection, geographical information, job/task management, contractor monitoring and reporting.

PM is the ‘hub’ through which all data flows providing a detailed and holistic view of operational performance, contractual compliance and strategic needs of client authorities and service providers.

PM can process data from external sources, such as, bin (container) sensors, RFID tags, weighbridges as well as mobile worker apps and route optimisation software.

environmental Job Management

Key features include:

  • At any time, inspectors, supervisors and managers can view the current status of activity, including:
    • recently logged jobs;
    • jobs in progress, completed, outstanding;
    • historical activity;
    • jobs not completed according to the SLA;
    • status of escalation process;
    • KPI reports
  • Fully automated escalation procedures and activity monitoring with detailed audit trails, photographic evidence, and management reports to monitor performance
  • Standard Smartphone & tablet apps for mobile operatives
  • Real-time information to all users
  • Fully web browser based and hosted solution with zero impact on client ICT infrastructure
  • User-friendly requiring minimal training
  • GIS integrated throughout
  • Highly customisable to meet future needs and link to existing systems
  • Role-based with configurable permissions and security

Key Performance Manager benefits include:

  • Efficient management of waste, cleansing & environmental service contracts
  • Facilitates collaboration between client and contractor staff
  • Provides longer term strategic decision support
  • Enhanced protection and increased asset life through more effective management of assets (protecting public investment)
  • Provides transparency and accountability
  • Provides a detailed evidence base and full audit trails to facilitate dispute resolution, internal audit requirements, etc.
  • Improved customer service to the public and greater availability of information potentially including a public website with up-to-date information on selected activities

The services covered by the above modules includes:

  • Waste & recycling container/bin collection for domestic & trade
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Bin/container deployment & mapping
  • Bulky waste collection
  • Chargeable garden waste collections
  • Cleaning & maintenance of waste containers
  • Cleaning public toilets
  • Clinical waste collection
  • Fly tip removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Gully emptying
  • Litter and debris removal
  • Street litter bin emptying
  • Manual & mechanical street sweeping
  • Markets – cleaning
  • Markets – waste collection
  • Pest control
  • Provision of litter bins
  • Rapid response fly-tipping removal
  • Removal of dead animals
  • Septic tank emptying
  • Street washing
  • Winter maintenance

Performance Manager has been successfully implemented and used in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 2010. It is used to manage over 30 municipal environmental services.

Performance Manager Screenshots: Dashboard and Overview Map

Performance Manager Integrated Skills Performance Manager Integrated Skills

Performance Manager Screenshots: LiveView Tracking and Driver Reporting

Performance Manager Integrated Skills

Performance Manager Screenshots: Real-time Reporting for Operational Analysis

Real-time Reporting for Operational Analysis 1 Real-time Reporting for Operational Analysis 2 Real-time Reporting for Operational Analysis 3 Real-time Reporting for Operational Analysis 4

The top three reasons to use job management software

Staying sharp at the cutting edge

There are so many technological and software-based tools available to assist with your operations but how do you take advantage of them all without cluttering up your work schedule checking and amalgamating the data from each one?

The answer is job management software from Integrated Skills. A software solution from us has the potential to become the hub through which you run all of your other tech as well as giving you the ability to easily integrate any new systems you might want to explore.

Optimum efficiency

Time and money are the two things that most people wish they had more of. There’s comes a point where the only way to make increases is to significantly improve efficiency in ways that are beyond human capacity.

Large scale operations like cities or big companies can no longer rely on a single person, or even a good team, to take advantage of all the possible factors and scenarios that might apply to their remit. They have to leverage technology like job management software from Integrated Skills.

This software isn’t designed to replace the inimitable subtly of human innovation, but it does take care of the routine calculations and frees up your team to see new possibilities.

Tracking for productivity and accountability

Improving productivity can only come from analysing past data and seeing where savings can be made. You also need as much information as possible to feedback to your employees and contractors to maximise the potential of your working practices.

This kind of information is readily accessible within your job management software from Integrated Skills. You can see data arranged in ways that allow you to analyse it and improve. You also have a data trail for accountability in the case of any issues.

Have ‘eyes’ everywhere

Remote tracking is one of the state-of-the-art features of your job management software. You can use tools such as RFIDs, sensors, weighbridges and many more modern devices to track the ever-changing requirements of your operation. These tell you what needs attending as well as what can be safely left alone thus improving overall efficiency and saving you money.

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