25% of UK Population Served by RouteSmart

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Mar 4, 2020

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UK Population served by RouteSmart Integrated Skills

Authorities in the UK have adopted RouteSmart in order to create, modify and ultimately improve their routes. Partnerships, Cities, metropolitan boroughs and town councils of varying sizes are all successfully implementing RouteSmart and our accompanying products.

These authorities have optimised routing, improving efficiency within services such as Waste Management, Street Cleansing and Winter Maintenance. We have also seen RouteSmart used in education and welfare services.

The map below shows the regions we have been supporting with RouteSmart and our associated solutions, which are used across multiple services including Waste ManagementStreets & Winter Maintenance, as well as utilities & deliveries across the country, with route optimisation as the focus.

UK Population served by RouteSmart Integrated Skills

In the UK, RouteSmart is most prolifically benefiting bin collection services.  Working closely with the organisations, we have seen compelling improvements to route efficiency, with the benefits of saving money and time. Those who have adopted our Navigator and Fusion products have seen an enhanced customer service – the combination has allowed the organisations to gather detailed data, principally in the form of reports, which can then be downloaded and scrutinised by the contact centre – providing the public with accurate service and where relevant, streets information. Integrating the Fusion API with their CRM, one of our clients has automated the whole process, improving efficiency and quality.

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