Webinar: RouteSmart Masterclass – Winter Maintenance

Webinar hosted by Integrated Skills

27th January 2022

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The winter maintenance season is well under way, but are you already starting to think ahead to the 2022/23 season? We held a webinar an Jan 27th to investigate.

ISL has a large portfolio of winter maintenance projects and in this webinar we share some of our experiences with you, to give you some food for thought as to improvements you could make to your own service.

  • Would you like to carry out some modelling to reduce your vehicle fleet or perhaps you need to add resource due an ever increasing or changing coverage network?
  • Could you save money by going down a ‘domain-approach’, only deploying vehicles within the coldest domains based on the daily forecast?
  • Have you assessed your routes against the relevant documentation and emergency preparedness plans to ensure that all risk is mitigated?
  • Would you like your routes to take into consideration varying road widths (average road width data available within the OS Highways streets data), to ensure you don’t over-salt and more importantly don’t under-salt?
  • Intrigued to find out more about automated spreading?
  • Are you looking to review and edit your priority gritting routes?

See it on our Freshdesk portal here.

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