Webinar: Govt. Waste Strategy Update – Consistent Collections, EPR, and DRS

Webinar hosted by Integrated Skills

21st July 2022

Start time: 15:00

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In our latest webinar we investigate the UK Gove Waste & resource Strategy.

UK Government Resources and Waste Strategy for England – Update No. 3 for local authorities. Stuart Henshaw will discuss the latest news and updates for local authorities with Victoria Murray FCIWM – Tetra Tech

Consistent Collections – the Government’s response to the latest consultation is due & how local authorities should prepare for this response

EPR update – we will discuss DEFRA’s recent update which gave a detailed introduction to the approach the Government will take – one that will impact local authorities significantly

DRS – Government attention is focused on Scotland’s DRS roll-out with latest news on Scotland’s DRS roll-out preparations


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