Vehicle Routing Software for Companies that have a Delivery Function and Utility Companies

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May 5, 2015

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Route Planning

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Many coVehicle Routing Software for Companiesmpanies operate by providing a service from their commercial premises and also manage a transportation operation. Alternatively, the business may serve to provide goods and products but they leave the deliveries to someone else by engaging a professional third party to act on their behalf and transfer goods to their customers. And then there are the transportation companies themselves.
Whichever type of company best describes your business, their maybe a compelling argument for implementing a route planning solution. Route planning software can help to create an efficient and profitable business:

  • By providing cost data essential when contracting with 3PLs
  • By reducing the planned mileage
  • By improving vehicle utilisations
  • By producing a ‘schedule’ of planned visits over a week, month or year
  • By providing accurate ETAs
  • By balancing working hours across fleets reducing overtime
  • By reducing the number of planners involved in the transport operation
  • By introducing a replicable, standardised method for route planning

Utility Companies
You need only consider the number of properties in the UK to get an idea of the task that utility companies have to contend with. While it can be argued that not every property makes use of all services, these will only count for a very small percentage.
Accordingly, there are a vast number of properties that utility companies are responsible for, making sure that they continually enjoy the benefits of power and water. There are a large number of issues that can arise with the supply of services making it necessary for staff to be able to get to the place where the problem has arisen.
In addition to servicing the end users it is also necessary to visit utility sites, such as pumping stations and pylons. In terms of emergency response there is no way to predict when and where staff attendance will be required and this can be anywhere in the country and sometimes in remote, hard to access locations.
Whether it is for the purpose of obtaining a meter reading or for an emergency call out, vehicle routing software will assist in planning routes no matter what method of transport is being used.
The GIS based route planning software can be used to map properties where particular circumstances apply, such as those that require meter inspection or installation. Similarly, it is particularly relevant with hard to access, remote locations where standard mapping does not include tracks and private access roads. With GIS route optimisation planners can create them on the map and route plan along them!
Delivery Companies
Delivery firms can take a range of different guises, from small businesses of bicycle couriers to large firms with an extensive fleet of vehicles. Whether the focus of the company is to work within strict delivery time windows within a city or to provide a nationwide service that covers thousands of addresses, the use of vehicle routing software will aid their business.
IT optimisation software can be applied regardless of the size of the company and whether or not they are dealing with private mail, delivering groceries or a national utility service. Effective routing software can offer a number of benefits to the entire service, from mapping the most efficient route, providing accurate ETAs to the customer or by simply ensuring that if the planner gets run over by the proverbial bus the company has a replicable, standardised and easy-to-learn route planning process to fall back on.

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