The role of GPS in reducing fuel consumption

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Oct 5, 2015

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Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking

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Fleet owners the wgpsorld over are using global positioning systems more than ever before, thanks to the fact that GPS technology has become both more affordable and easier to access. Owners are able to use GPS to track their fleets by locating their individual positions. The GPS track, sometimes called the snail trail, can be compared in real time to the optimised route plan.
“Messy” Routing

GPS aids dispatchers by providing them with the precise location of every vehicle, whether on the road or not. This allows them to more effectively report on actual versus the planned routes. Discrepancies can be analysed in the route planning software and costs attributed.
Routing “on the fly”

The ability to locate any vehicle in a fleet using GPS makes it possible to send only those vehicles to a job that are located nearest to it. The exact vehicle location can be sent to the route planning software that will determine the optimal route from the current location to the new job. This requirement suits those route planning products that are based in the Cloud accessed via web services and have an API.
Going off plan
And if a driver uses a vehicle for anything not authorised, or take a longer route despite being directed otherwise, fleet managers can take the appropriate steps to address the issue.
Excessive speed information

An additional 63 pence per litre of fuel can be added to every 5 miles per hour that are driven above a posted speed limit. GPS tracking can record speed information from each vehicle, which can then be used to notify fleet owners which vehicles are exceeding set speed thresholds. Though GPS has limitations in terms of accuracy when compared to a telematics system it can provide a good enough indication of excessive speed.
With vehicles being one of a company`s most expensive assets, it only makes sense that they should be tracked and monitored via a GPS system.

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