Which Technologies Will Impact Business Most In 2017?

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Mar 2, 2017

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The relationship between business and customer has been significantly altered by new technological advances, and there seems to be no foreseeable end in sight. 2017 will see businesses being impacted even further by these five technologies.
1. AI and IoT

The intelligent devices we have now will be even more useful to us over the coming year. Many of these devices will interface even further with AI systems, serving to increase system response time. The internet of things (IoT) will continue its foray into human lives with increased inclusion of sensors and chips into an even greater number of items that companies use every day. This increased integration will make it easier for businesses to complete their daily tasks.
In addition to making things easier for business, 2017’s increased use of AI and IoT will help companies turn the magnifying glass on themselves, revealing important data that can be used to improve the way business is conducted.
2. IT services

A large part of the $3.5 trillion that’s predicted to be spent by businesses around the world on IT services will be funnelled to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Leading technology companies increased their investments into artificial intelligence in 2016, and this is expected to continue, albeit on a much larger scale. This year it is expected that business investments into artificial intelligence will increase in the HR, banking, medicine and travel industries as well.
But why the increase? These services will help to improve the way businesses communicate with their customers. For example, artificial intelligence eliminates the need to create standard responses to customer queries because it can learn as it goes. This means that business will have to exert very little effort to resolve customer issues, because AI will know what to tell them.
3. Smarter security

As technology becomes more powerful and sophisticated, so too do the methods that threaten it. So much business capital is invested into data; it only makes sense that there are higher investments into the adaptive security that protects that data. This will be the case in 2017. Adaptive Security Architecture (ASA) will provide a kind of protection that guards business systems against threats, but that won’t require a business to spend time and money on upgrades to maintain that protection.
Another method of smart security that businesses will see more of in 2017 is biometrics, which will work together with ASA. Along with other methods of protection, this will allow for threats to be predicted, prevented, detected and responded to.
4. Global database transfer

Financial businesses are continuing their heavy use of technology with something called blockchain. This method sees information being transferred around the world in the form of databases. This method allows for far faster transfer of data than other available methods.
But how will the blockchain trend affect businesses? The faster transfer of information means that a higher number of transactions can be completed, cheaper and quicker than ever before. Not only does the blockchain method of data transfer mean quicker transactions, but those transactions will also be more secure.
5. Seamless device integration
Smart technology is very powerful indeed, but this is even truer when there is a way to tie all of these high-tech devices together so they can work collectively. The solution in 2017 will reveal itself to be something called Mesh App and Service Architecture. This solution will allow devices to integrate seamlessly. Businesses will benefit from many hours saved in manual responses and the ability to respond faster.
2016 certainly was a great year for new technologies. But in 2017, these technologies are poised to enhance business even further, allowing them to reach new heights in global presence, customer service and overall efficiency.

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