Staying green and clean just got easier

Written by Integrated Skills

May 23, 2019

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Whether dealing with a town, city or country, the volume of waste produced is colossal. Unsurprisingly, this puts huge pressure on waste, recycling and environmental services. You’re tasked with tracking countless employees or contractors and when things don’t go to plan, the consequences are in plain sight for all to see.

At Integrated Skills, we saw this growing challenge and saw the solution too. Better environmental management software could streamline processes, integrate systems and ensure targets are met on time. That’s why we developed Performance Manager.

What is Performance Manager?

Performance Manager is far more than your average waste and environmental management software. Designed with GIS and mobile device functionality, it not only allows you to manage your waste, recycling and environmental services, but also tracks your employees or contractors in real-time. It seamlessly integrates geographical and collection data with task management and contractor monitoring. With robust reporting too, you’ll know exactly what’s going on, however large your operation is.

Performance Manager Integrated Skills

Do you wish you had a tangible read-out on your service performance? Need to know whether you are on track to meet contractual compliance? Performance Manager can provide you with detailed and holistic answers.

This is because it can process data from a wealth of external sources, including RFID tags, bin or container sensors, weighbridges, mobile worker apps and route optimisation software, to name just a few. As environmental management software goes, Performance Manager is a powerhouse of data integration.

Tried and tested

It’s all well and good spinning off facts about the many features of Performance Manager, but does it really work in the real world? Absolutely. Performance Manager has been used not only in towns, cities and local authorities, but it has also been rolled out nationwide in The Kingdom of Bahrain. With almost 1.5 million inhabitants, this island nation has been using Performance Manager since 2010 to manage over 30 municipal environmental services. However complex the challenge you’re facing when it comes to managing waste and environmental services, Performance Manager is up to the task. Get in touch with our team of experts and we can talk you through exactly how we can help.

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