How SaaS Solutions Are Enabling Parcel & Postal Companies To Design Optimal Routes & Reduce Costs

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Nov 24, 2017

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Route management and optimisation software has long been recognised as an important tool for helping parcel and postage companies to reduce delivery costs. The next generation of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions are making route optimisation even more accessible and affordable.
Businesses now have a wide choice of SaaS applications from a range of suppliers, each linked to powerful data collection sensors and maps that are updated in real-time, and multiple user capacity. Here are some of the main benefits of investing in a SaaS route optimisation solution for your business:
1) Cost Effective
A legacy route planning application can involve a large upfront investment. On top of this, there is often a licence fee that enables access to periodic updates and technical support. Many cloud hosted route planning solutions, however, dispense with these upfront costs in favour of a pay per usage model. Depending on the application, this could involve a monthly subscription (with or without a contract) or a fee per driver/vehicle/route. A cloud-based service requires far less IT infrastructure – not least because the software is hosted on the vendor’s servers, rather than your own. Upgrades can be rolled out seamlessly, and set up time is drastically reduced.
2) Scalable Solutions
As your delivery requirements change, most SaaS delivery solutions can automatically be scaled to meet your needs. Unlike legacy software, which comes with a fixed set of resources, most cloud-based applications can flex up or down dependent on demand. So you could increase your service level to cope with, for example, weekly peaks or seasonal demand, and scale it back at quieter times, or increase your capacity to plan multiple stops/accommodate more drivers etc.
3) Mobile Accessibility
One of the greatest benefits of cloud-based software, whether we’re talking about accountancy packages or route planning apps, is improved accessibility. A legacy solution typically has to be physically installed on each device. This uses up a lot of storage and processing capacity, as well as having implications for licence fees, support and version control. A cloud-based solution can usually be accessed through any Internet enabled device, including smart phones and tablets. This makes it extremely useful for delivery drivers on the road, and for logistics teams that work from multiple locations. It is easy and fast for users to access the network, including real-time data updates.
Look for SaaS Solutions
The best way to manage your delivery and logistics operation is to take an integrated view of your complete business, including its approach to route planning and other processes. Speak to our team about our innovative SaaS solutions as well as consultancy services – and boost efficiency in your business across the board. Call (+44) 2380 737 983, or send an email to for more information.

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