Routes to the Rescue: Here to Help

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Apr 28, 2020

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As we navigate these challenging times, in collaboration with our partners at RouteSmart Inc. and HERE, we are able to offer to assist with Routes2theRescue – a program focused on bringing a positive impact to our clients and the communities they serve by offering our technologies at no additional cost.

With Routes2theRescue, clients can receive up to 90-days access to RouteSmart Routing as a Service (RaaS) to augment existing RouteSmart systems and help manage the influx of changes and new business they may be experiencing.

RaaS provides access to our RouteSmart’s powerful algorithms via web services and enables users to solve the toughest routing challenges. RaaS is designed to be implemented and integrated quickly into existing business systems or can be used via the RaaS Portal. For our clients, RaaS can be used to optimise delivery lists with driving instructions for drivers, and could help at this time with managing urgent food deliveries as well as assisting waste collection services with building dynamic routes.

Several clients currently take advantage of this offer to ease the burden of major changes to operations. For example, right now, many local delivery clients are dealing with an increase of 20% or more in daily delivery volumes, and significant changes occurring dynamically each day.

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