Road works scheduling – how can we help? 

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May 1, 2019

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At Integrated Skills, we are committed to supporting cities and road works agencies with our range of software. We have shown that our tools help hit targets when it comes to budget, time and minimal disruption.

We have a thorough understanding of what’s important when it comes to road works scheduling. This means we can help leverage the power of reliable software tools, like Trafficworx, for any size project.


A lot of data goes into road works scheduling. You need maps, compliance information, traffic patterns, timings, contractor information and other input. This needs to be in one place to begin the planning phase. Certain universal information is already incorporated into Trafficworx based on the latest information and legislative updates. With the help of the team at Integrated Skills, this integrates seamlessly with the specifics of your project and you’re ready to go.

HWX Integrated Skills


Once you have all the information you need, your Trafficworx software is used to set schedules, analyse road data and provide you with emails and communications. This can get you to the start line, but it doesn’t stop there.

Once you are up and running, Trafficworx continues to use your baseline data and ongoing information about the progress of your work to update projections and flag up any issues. This means you can address the latter before they become problems that delay your road works scheduling.


Working together is the key to a successful road works project. You are likely to be coordinating many different teams from different sectors and organisations. Trafficworx helps you keep track of everyone involved. It also ensures that, if there are any changes or delays to the work, the whole schedule updates to reflect this and everyone is informed of progress.


You can track your actual and projected outcomes with Trafficworx. This helps you keep on top of your budget. If you do need to spend more, the data stored in your versatile software will help you justify the extra costs to anyone who reviews your project. This offers you peace of mind and the ability to bid on projects with confidence.

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