Revolutionising Waste Management in the Middle East [PODCAST]

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Aug 3, 2023

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Route Optimisation

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Speaking to Matt Kemeny at RouteSmart Technologies, our directors Alan, Andy and Matt explore of the success of Route Optimisation with RouteSmart for ArcGIS in the Middle East.

ISL is 30 years old in 2023 and in our ramblings we cover a brief history of our time in the Middle East, focusing primarily on route optimisation projects in the Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain and other places but also the use of smart phone apps to enhance data relating to waste & recycling container locations, the HERE street network and related collection service information. Lots of smartphone app innovation relating to GIS required!

We also touch upon how waste & recycling contractors like Averda use the software not only for service improvements on existing contracts but also as part of their bid process.

Interestingly, issues of operational safety in the Middle East are increasingly becoming more important so creating safe routes is key as is rendering those routes to the drivers via in-cab solutions making them aware of hazards. The need to reduce CO2 output by the non-electric waste & recycling collections vehicles is also a key driver in the Middle East so reducing the number of route required & the amount of mileage driven has a direct impact. Applying RouteSmart-for-ArcGIS in assessing the adoption of electric vehicles is another topic discussed.

And we also talk about why working internationally is so much fun… the carpet anecdote at about the 20 minute mark is a good one. And not forgetting meeting the current UK Prime Minister!

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