Reducing the Cost of Accidents

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Jan 18, 2016

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reduce costs of accidentsAlthough no fleet manager wants to think about it, accidents can and do happen. Large or small, no fleet is immune. And the costs of an accident can add up quickly. Not only do accidents keep drivers off work, they damage fleet vehicles and can also result in a depreciated vehicle following repairs. If that weren’t enough, there’s the time and effort required to deal with various insurance companies and other individuals. Needless to say, the management of accidents can be a job in itself.
That being said, doing as much as possible to reduce the risks of accidents before they happen can save a fleet & operations manager thousands of pounds.
Have a System in Place
By system, we don’t mean software for accident prevention or delivery route planning; we’re referring to a process that can be initiated following an accident. A system allows a specific procedure to be followed so that all aspects of accident management can be completed within a reasonable time frame. Included in this system should be who to call for repair work, insurance details, legal assistance and vehicle replacement plan as well as contingency drivers.
Train Your Drivers
Although accident prevention may seem like a no-brainer, educating drivers on how to avoid them is crucial. Quality training will focus on all aspects of safe driving, from correct tyre pressure to the anticipation of road conditions. Fuel saving can also be included in driver training, as can the carrying of properly-weighted loads and refraining from the use of mobile phones unless a hands-free system is being used. Training should be continuous, with refresher courses annually.
Choose a Quality Breakdown Company
Breakdown recovery needs to be swift in order to reduce expensive downtime. There are many online resources which allow you to compare breakdown service companies. As well, you may discover that no price for recovery is set in stone, which can save you even more money.
Preventive Maintenance
Whilst it may not be considered to be a big contributor to accident prevention, preventive maintenance can save fleet owners a lot of money. The short term cost of preventive maintenance should really be considered an investment. Some of the items which can benefit from preventive maintenance are tyres, scratches and windscreen chips. Tyres should be checked to ensure their tread depth is compliant. Any scratches can rust, and so repair is strongly recommended before the problem gets worse. The same is true of chipped windscreens, which can quickly become cracks. And don’t forget the wind screen wash!
Although you can never avoid an accident, you can certainly prepare for one. The above tips can keep all of your drivers safe as well as shorten the process should an accident occur.

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