Local Authority Waste Managers COVID-19 Briefing Webinar

Webinar hosted by Integrated Skills

April 2020

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Integrated Skills put together an ad-hoc webinar in response to the COVID-19 emergency on Wednesday 8th April. Sarahjane Widdowson discussed the emergency and implications for waste services across the UK. She provided a briefing on the current impact of the virus and outlined issues which local authority waste management service providers should be considering, including:

  • Workforce – Sickness rates, Social/physical distancing, Cleaning, redeploying staff from other frontline services
  • Service delivery – changes to services – reduction in food and garden waste
  • HWRCs – closure / changes to operations / opening times
  • Fly tipping and litter – Incidences of fly tipping
  • Treatment and Disposal – Availability of treatment and disposal
  • Resident behaviour – Panic buying and changes to waste composition
  • How will this change services in the long term?

Sarahjane is a Director at Intelisos and specialist in public policy development for waste, with experience working with NHS service providers, an author of best practice guides and advisor to local authorities on clinical waste collections. Click here to view Sarahjane’s presentation.

View the webinar below:

Integrated Skills runs a monthly webinar series, which supports both its clients and non-clients with topical information and discussion on waste and environmental services issues as well as technical training in its own software solutions.


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