ISL Webinar: RouteSmart Masterclass – Set Segment ID & Side

Webinar hosted by Integrated Skills

October 2020

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On 25th September 2020, our RouteSmart consultant, James Baker hosted a webinar masterclass looking at the Set Segment ID and Side tools in RouteSmart.

‘When properties are assigned to the wrong streets, this leads to inaccuracies and can add unnecessary travel time to routes. Sometimes properties are collected from different locations depending on the service and it can also be difficult syncing property assignments between workspaces.

During the webinar below we explore the Set Segment ID and Side tool (alongside others) to show how these issues can be addressed and we will also demonstrate our Street Assignment Visualiser tool which helps users see, at a glance, which streets properties are linked to.’

This webinar can be viewed on our Freshdesk portal here.

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