Webinar: Masterclass – How to Set up a Successful Re-Use Shop at your Household Waste Site

Webinar hosted by Integrated Skills

August 2020

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On Friday 21st August 2020, we hosted a webinar investigating the approach Leeds City Council took in order to open re-use shops at two of their household waste sites. Hearing from Liz Behrens, we were given a comprehensive understanding of the steps required to successfully deliver such a project as well as other practical elements including the management, space and funding required.

Liz elaborated on the steps she and her team took to establish the first shop and how the responsibilities were divided. They were keen to allow retailers to manage that aspect of their operations. Which segues neatly into our net guest, from Louise Megson from Revive Leeds – the shop itself. ‘Revive Leeds is a partnership between St Vincent De Paul, a charity helping alleviate poverty and SLATE, a charity supporting people with learning disabilities. Any profits are pumped straight back into the organisations supporting local people.’

Louise emphasised the community element of the Revive project and how valuable it has been for the volunteers and some 30 employees.

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