ISL partner GeoCo employs RouteSmart for waste collection consultancy projects in The Netherlands

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Sep 28, 2014

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Integrated Skills’ ( Netherlands-based partner GeoCo (, is utilising RouteSmart for ArcGIS to provide optimised gritting and waste/recycling collection routes for municipalities.

The owner of GeoCo, Joris Westendorp, has been providing logistics and route planning consultancy services for many years and, after initial assitance from ISL has recently applied RouteSmart for ArcGIS to waste and gritting projects.

According to Joris, “RouteSmart is ideal for waste & winter maintenance clients as it is a true “high density” solution that enables users to manipulate individual property data, such as container type and number, as well as street parameters.” The Dutch waste-collection sector is looking for ways to increase recycling rates and improve operational efficiency at the same time. Joris continues “The powerful ArcGIS platform enables users to think visually providing a geospatial ‘view’ of problems. The World leading algorithms within the software produce optimal routes based on user defined parameters.” Joris concludes by saying that RouteSmart is the “… number one choice for route optimisation in the Dutch waste sector”

Sales Director of Integrated Skills, Alan Paget, states that “GeoCo is one of a number of ISL partners on continental Europe actively applying RouteSmart to optimisation projects”. ISL has partners in Poland, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. Expect more to join the partner community in the year ahead”.

ISL has sold over 80 licences of the RouteSmart software across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. RouteSmart is the corporate route optimisation tool of choice for organisations including TNT Post in England, Airtricity in Northern Ireland, Glasgow City Council in Scotland, Averda in Lebanon, SEI Toscana in Italy and Cardiff Council in Wales.

About Integrated Skills Limited and RouteSmart Technologies:

Integrated Skills (UK) Limited ( operating out of Romsey near Southampton, is a specialist provider of routeing and optimisation software solutions as well as environmental consultancy. ISL’s routing and optimisation software solutions maximise efficiency through enhanced route planning resulting in reductions in fleet size, mileage, planning time and human resource, more balanced routes/rounds, more accurate ETAs and enhanced route management information. The software is used in operational and strategic environments as well as for scenario planning when introducing new customers, vehicles, routes and services.

ISL is the leading partner of RouteSmart Technologies Inc.™ ( for high density, door-by-door and street-by-street route optimisation software as used in Local Government Services, Postal Services, Newspaper Distribution, Environmental Services and in the Utility sector for meter reading, meter inspections and meter implementation programmes. RouteSmart’s underlying GIS technology is from ESRI (

For further information contact Alan Paget, Sales & Marketing Director at ISL.

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