Introducing Fleet Management & Fleet Tracking Tools to Employees

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Jul 25, 2016

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Once a fleet managementcompany has decided to introduce vehicle management & tracking one of the most difficult next steps can be getting drivers and staff on board. Typically this is a result of their perception of fleet tracking as that of ‘big brother’ watching and judging every move. Tracking your fleet is not at all about getting employees in trouble; rather, it’s about helping your business to not only cut costs, but make improvements that will sustain it over the long term.
An effective way to introduce the idea of fleet tracking & fleet management software is to communicate to employees all of the benefits that this type of tracking will provide to them…. And incentivise them!
Increased Safety

Not only will a vehicle tracking & management system help your company save money, but it can potentially save lives. This type of system can keep track of maintenance schedules for all of the vehicles in your fleet, which can help you avoid having your drivers in potentially unsafe vehicles.
If a fleet vehicle is stolen the system can tell you what kinds and amount of tools were on board the vehicle, as well as where the stolen vehicle is located. And the best news is that tracked vehicles are typically recovered more quickly than those with no tracking.
Prevent False Claims and Provide Proof

Should a driver be accused of causing damage to another vehicle a fleet tracking tool can provide the evidence you need to support them – whether guilty or innocent – by recording exact locations and timings. If an employee’s handheld device is tracked then any statement of services rendered by an employee can be backed by the data obtained by the tracking tool. Proof of completed jobs for example is another benefit – both to employees and to the business. The software can display when the employee arrived, how long they stayed, and what work they completed while there.
No Paperwork

If it’s anything that both employees and business owners tend to despise the most, it’s paperwork. Traditionally, a crew had to complete mounds of paperwork in order to process a single job. But with the introduction of fleet tracking software, this is a thing of the past. In fact, many tedious administrative tasks can be eliminated, such as recording mileage.
Job Security…? Incentivisation

Deploying vehicle tracking will reduce your fuel costs, decrease insurance premiums and benefit productivity. In addition, other benefits like improved dispatching and a more efficient back office can be realised. All of the aforementioned benefits should equate to a more profitable business and, as a consequence, increased job security.
The money savings realised from the introduction of fleet tracking software can easily add up to a large amount of money, which can then be passed along to employees in the form of bonuses. These kinds of rewards can help to make the introduction of a fleet tracking system much easier! No surprise there then. But by introducing a league table of ‘best performers’ and reward them accordingly often is a motivator: Just don’t publicise those drivers who constantly are at the bottom of the league! For them they need a different kind of motivation!
Often, employees may not realise how their actions are affecting a company until management steps in and offers some simple coaching. The simple act of making employees aware of what they are doing can go a long way to benefiting both that employee and the company. With your company’s best interests at the forefront of your minds, your employees are better poised to do the best job they can.

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