Integrated Skills Ltd Ends Year Ahead of Targets

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Dec 28, 2017

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Integrated Skills (UK) Ltd has surpassed targets for yet another year.

UK based Integrated Skills Limited completes another financial year ahead of targets.

The primary UK local authority market for route optimisation software sales continued to grow with notable new metropolitan clients from Scotland and England. In conjunction with new client growth, recurring revenue from the existing client base was supplemented by a better than expected performance in route optimisation consultancy based services.

The international team also performed well with new sales of smartphone apps to existing clients combined with new waste management consultancy projects.

Waste management consultancy projects and software sales in Belize, Falkland Islands and Palestine continue to demonstrate the importance of international element of ISL’s operations.

Nearer to home projects in Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands (via a new partner, GeoCo) illustrate how ISL is making inroads into continental Europe.

Product development has been at the forefront of ISL strategy in the last 12 months with the launch of new smartphone app development capabilities and the launch of “Fusion” – an online platform for the management of optimised routes and vehicles.

Sales of “Navigator” for in-cab navigation of optimised routes continues to grow primarily in the UK local authority waste sector but with trials starting with municipalities in the Unites States of America and Sweden.

Patrick Scott, Director of Integrated Skills, states “A most satisfying year with a better than expected outcome. A great platform from which ISL can expand it’s client base in 2015 on a number of fronts – route optimisation software together with environmental services management software and the consultancy business”.

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