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Apr 29, 2019

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The general guideline document for street works coordination runs to 167 pages. The legislation covers signage, safety, communication and other tools required to complete any road operations in the UK. With this level of scrutiny and complexity, it’s great to have a technological solution tailored to take this into account.

Road Works co-ordination Integrated Skills

With integrated mapping software, access to planning data and in-built automated processes, Trafficworx from Integrated Skills may be the support you have been looking for to take your operation to the next level. Our software is tried, tested and adaptable so it can incorporate the unique details of each project that you work on.


Deep-down, road users know that roadworks and related traffic problems are a necessary inconvenience. Streets and services need regular maintenance for safety and an improved experience. This doesn’t stop them being unpopular when they create disruption. The internet means that the court of public opinion is more vocal than ever and no company or local official wants to be in the dock.

A software solution like Trafficworx from Integrated Skills can manage the complexity of large and long-term street works coordination. It can find ways to make your operation more efficient by reducing road closures, creating accurate targets and assisting with any troubleshooting.


Regardless of the scale of the operation, street works coordination invariably involves a lot of paperwork, communication and auditing. Missing a single step can affect compliance and jeopardise your reputation. It can also delay your project and cause practical difficulties.

To be sure you are hitting all the right deadlines and talking to all the people you need to, Trafficworx has automated systems that generate communications and send you timely reminders. This automatically creates an audit trail that helps you meet accountability. You also get valuable lessons about the efficiency of your project that you can use to train your team and refine your organisation.

Smart Cities Integrated Skills

Working as a team

Few road work operations involve just a single organisation. Depending on the scope, you may need to coordinate with utility companies, emergency services or local authorities. Trafficworx provides a central point of information for all users. This helps multiple teams to work towards a common goal.

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