How does Route Planning Software Function?

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Sep 23, 2014

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Route Planning

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How does Route Planning Software Function? Iroute planningn its absolute simplest context route optimisation software is designed to answer the four simple questions: Who? What? When? Where? These deceptively simple parameters are employed such that route optimisation and delivery timetables are automated by inputting variables such as customer requirements and industry standards into software algorithms. The system can then perform the necessary calculations as it answers the following questions:

  • Where are the delivery points and / or customers located? The technology should automatically display this information on a scale map
  •  What is the delivery time and volume of goods required? The delivery route planning software should then display the most feasible routes (i.e. route optimisation has occurred)
  • What are the rules and regulations concerning the delivery of this consignment?
  • What are the route restrictions (if any) for the vehicle being used to transport the goods?
  • What are the time constraints on delivery or pickup of the goods in question? This is where opening hours or availability of staff or resources in particular locations is factored into the algorithms.
  • When can the fleet vehicles arrive and depart from the different destinations on the routes in question? This enables operators to organise scheduling and routing for the entire fleet.

A good route planning package can incorporate all of these variables and produce a flexible schedule that is as responsive as it is user friendly.
The benefits of vehicle route planning software:
Time-saving: Information is rapidly collated and displayed meaning that it is readily accessible to both drivers and operators. In addition, if the system is active it can respond to changes in conditions in real time and so new information is quickly communicated. Routes can be optimised and therefore planned very rapidly especially if the software is universal across the organisation.
Money is saved: Fleet management and logistics is a complex and difficult undertaking, and so necessitates proper planning and preparation. If the delivery route planning software is up to the task, the costs involved in logistics across the organisation can be significantly reduced. Operating costs such as fuel and maintenance can be minimised because fewer journeys are necessary.
Fewer road miles: A logistics company can plan its orders and organise its fleet according to the locations necessary to fulfil its business obligations. This further component of route optimisation softwareensures that when a set of destinations or delivery points is presented that delivery times and schedules can be further streamlined.
Improved customer service and satisfaction: If all of the above variables are met as standard then relationships and reputations with customers can only stay positive, and that means their business will be retained. Any logistics or distribution company must ensure that its vehicle touting software can fulfil these functions.
No matter the sector a delivery company works its set up must ensure that its vehicles are in the right place at the right time, meaning that the goods being delivered or transported are exactly where they need to be.

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