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May 8, 2019

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Mobilising the Private Sector to Deliver Sustainable Waste Management

Integrated Skills’ founding Director, Mike Betts recently completed a Policy Paper on Infrastructure for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development.

The paper, entitled ‘From Waste to Resources: Mobilising the Private Sector to Deliver Sustainable Waste Management,’ discusses why implementing sustainable systems for managing waste is critical and how to do so successfully. It expands on the value of employing businesses from the private sector who provide tools that support local, regional and national governments in improving the management of waste as a resource.

Waste Bins Integrated Skills

The EU waste policy aims to ensure that waste is managed as a resource by 2020, creating a wealth of opportunity for organisations that are committed to enhancing and modernising waste management services, public or private.

Another intention of the policy is increasing the recovery of energy from refuse as well as improving recycling and attitudes towards recycling. Our recent webinar with Trewin Restorick of Hubbub examined some of their campaigns in this area. Read more here.

Veolia RERF Leeds Integrated Skills

We visited the Leeds Recycling & Energy Recovery Facility in Leeds. Operated by Veolia, this plant generates enough energy to power itself and 22,000 homes.

The UK Government’s Resources & Waste Strategy contained similar intentions, creating more space for creative solutions within waste management. We have been investigating methods and solutions to build Smart Cities, using data and software solutions to reform public services and become future-proof. Sign-up to our Summer Series of webinars to find out more.

Meeting the standards set out by the EU will require mobilisation of cost-effective initiatives provided by organisations working in the private sector, offering solutions within the waste management industry. For example, route optimisation with software solutions such as RouteSmart for bin collections and plant delivery. Provided by Integrated Skills, RouteSmart sees UK clients making a 10-15% annual saving.

View the document here or visit our Articles & White Papers page.

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