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Dynamic Routing and Variable Route Planning


For Dynamic Routing and Variable Route Planning, our RaaS (Routing as a Service) portal is a Cloud-based optimisation service with a standard API. RaaS would typically be used on a daily basis to create optimal routes for medium density/medium volume routes.

Reducing travel distances and man hours – even by a small percentage – from every route, every day, can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds per week, and give companies a competitive edge.

This online route planning service creates optimised routes that adhere to routing parameters (such as delivery time windows, start times & maximum driving hours) and that have a balanced workload (by number of service locations and time) across the fleet.

The route planning service provides you with the power to:

  • Decrease total number of routes
  • Decrease total route times and distance
  • Balance workload across the fleet
  • Solve routing problems in seconds
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time deliveries
  • Meet critical delivery times and lower redelivery costs
  • Help drivers get on the road quicker and deliver/collect more
  • Save money with an externally provided, online web service

“For fleets from 5 to 5000 vehicles, RaaS can scale to manage all fleets sizes, and can even cope with a fleet comprising differing vehicle types and capacities. In fact, RaaS can even produce routes for people who walk their routes such as meter readers and postal workers!”