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Integrated Skills specialise in the provision of high quality management advice and counsel and environmental consultancy to the private sector, International Financial Institutions and Donor Agencies and to national, regional and local governments, particularly in the field of solid waste. ISL focuses on delivering practical, strategic, economic, commercial, legal, technical and institutional advice.

ISL also provides IT solutions and has developed a suite of proprietary software for use in a variety of applications and is the market leader in provision and development of dedicated software in the UK, including:

  • RouteSmart™- Route optimisation software high-precision route optimisation and workload balancing solution – for all high-density routing problems
  • Navigator – An in-cab route optimisation solution using RouteSmart routes.
  • RaaS™ – A cloud based, automated route optimisation service for low to medium density routes with a diverse range of applications
  • Trafficworx™ & Highwayworx™ – Road infrastructure and traffic management systems – proven, operational service enabling local authorities, utilities and other stakeholders to work together and coordinate roadworks & highways maintenance effectively and in real-time
  • Performance Manager™– a sophisticated contract management system integrating business process

ISL has a practical understanding of the conditions and constraints relating to solid waste management in countries with economies in transition or early transition countries; we have undertaken projects in over 60 countries.

Drawing upon the diverse skills of a team of some 100 professional, full-time and associate staff all of whom have extensive practical experience in the field, the Company is able to offer a wide range of expertise and services.

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