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Waste collection: meeting the growing demand with Performance Manager

Performance Manager Integrated Skills

Over a tonne. That’s how much waste the average UK household produces every year. Across the country that comes to around 30 million tonnes of waste and with the population still growing and consumerism showing no signs of slowing, the demand for efficient waste collection is on the rise.

Missed or late collections can lead to a breach of contractual compliance, not to mention the unsightly and eventually unhygienic build-up of waste. But with so many collections to make, so many contractors to track and the uncertainty of unforeseen events thrown in, such as poor weather or traffic, how are you meant to keep a handle on your waste collection?

By using effective waste collection software. By using Performance Manager.

Upping your performance

Performance Manager is a management software solution for waste, recycling and environmental services, which also allows you to track your contractors. It’s compatible with any mobile device for use on-the-go and has built-in GIS, but the features and benefits don’t end there.

What do you want to know?

Log into Performance Manager and you can find the answers you need when it comes to managing your waste collections.

  • What jobs have just been logged, are in progress, completed or outstanding?
  • What jobs haven’t been completed according to the service-level-agreement?
  • What’s the status of an escalation process?
  • What was going on with your collections this time last month or at any other historical time point?
Performance Manager Integrated Skills

The answers to these questions are all easy to access in Performance Manager.

Escalation procedures are fully automated, with comprehensive audit trails, including photographic evidence. Both you and your contractors can access real-time information. And what’s more, all of the data pulled in from a variety of external sources is accessible wherever you are, so long as you have an Internet connection on your digital device. This is because Performance Manager is fully hosted on the web, so you don’t need to worry about adapting or updating your existing IT infrastructure. To learn more about our waste collection software, Performance Manager, get in touch with our team of experts to have your questions answered or to request a demo.

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