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Delivery Route Planning & More

About Integrated Skills

Software solutions and waste management consultancy services, worldwide.

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Innovative software meets integrated solutions

From utilities to local authorities, smart cities to waste management contractors, Integrated Skills have the software solutions you need for the smooth running of your operations.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions focuses on route planning and route optimisation software and is complemented by hardware provided via our trusted technology partners. Modular in nature, our software solutions offer you the flexibility to manage an entire service or selected elements of it.

Route planning software

With budgets to meet and salaries to pay, every penny counts and effective route planning software can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds a week. How? By reducing travel distances, which keeps both fuel costs and man hours down.

Integrated Skills’ RaaS (routing as a service) software makes easy work of dynamic and variable route planning. You set the parameters, such as delivery window times, start times and maximum driving hours, and our online RaaS software will get to work creating optimised routes which balance the workload across your fleet.

8 big benefits of Integrated Skills’ RaaS software

RaaS software works for fleets of all sizes, from 5 to 5,000 vehicles, factoring in vehicles of different sizes and capabilities. It even works if your ‘fleet’ is on foot, such as meter readers and postal workers, by creating optimised walking routes. Whatever your requirements, RaaS can help you:

  • decrease your total number of routes
  • decrease your total route times and overall distances covered
  • balance your workload across your fleet so your staff can meet their targets
  • increase your rate of on-time deliveries
  • reduce the volume of re-deliveries (and in doing so cut back on redelivery costs)
  • increase your drivers’ efficiency
  • quickly resolve routing problems
  • save you money by negating the need for you to make any changes to your IT infrastructure — RaaS is fully hosted on the Cloud.

    Even if you’re among the minority of organisations who seldom deals with failed deliveries and the cost of redelivery, route planning can still have a considerable impact on your organisation.

    By saving hundreds or thousands of pounds a week with optimised routes, you can invest more in other aspects of your business, giving you that all-important competitive edge.

    Once you’ve got that edge, our route planning software can help you keep it. The impact of RaaS isn’t all about facts and figures. Yes, your on-time delivery rates will get a boost and your total number of routes will drop, but your staff satisfaction will also see an improvement with driving hours better distributed.

    To learn more about exactly how our delivery route planning software can benefit your organisation, get in touch with our expert team today.

    Route optimisation software

    Effective route optimisation of your fleet of vehicles, whether you’re making deliveries or collecting waste or recycling, can mean the difference between succeeding or failing to meet the demands of your customers’ expectations. RouteSmart™ is designed to save you time and money by improving the efficiency of your routes.

    The RouteSmart™ suite includes RouteSmart™ for ArcGIS and RaaS.

    RouteSmart™ for ArcGIS and RaaS: which is right for you?

    RouteSmart™ for ArcGIS enables you to create strategic or operational routes in advance, as well as on-the-fly routes to adapt to changing circumstances, whether that’s weather, traffic or customer demands. The GIS part of ArcGIS, (the geographical information system), is continually updated with the latest map data. What’s more, because part of the package enables you to manipulate location data and run what-if scenarios, you’ll be prepared for every eventuality.

    RouteSmart™ for ArcGIS also gives you the flexibility of deploying the software on-premise either on a computer, on your server, or by hosting it externally; it’s your choice. While RouteSmart™ offers you complete control of your route optimisation, you can also lighten your load by taking advantage of automated elements with the route optimisation software; made possible thanks to RouteSmart™ having its own scripting language.

    RouteSmart™ for ArcGIS is ideal for low, medium and high-density routes and gives you the option of taking full control. RaaS, on the other hand, is ideal for low- to medium-density routes and is fully hosted on the Cloud. With RaaS, operational routes are generated for you, as and when needed, without the need for user interaction — the software does it all for you.

    Is RouteSmart™ right for your organisation?

    RouteSmart™ has been designed to work across numerous industries and operational demands, including:

  • residential and commercial recycling, general waste and food collections
  • residential and commercial collections of bulky or clinical waste
  • winter maintenance, such as gritting and salting
  • street cleaning services, such as gully emptying and leaf collection
  • inspector and survey routing, such as for highways, housing and parking
  • adult and child social care transportation
  • meter reading, inspections, installation and maintenance
  • parcel and postal deliveries and collections
  • newspaper and other door-drop deliveries.
  • What are the benefits of route optimisation?

    Time saved and your bottom line boosted are just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of route optimisation software by Integrated Skills. Here are a few of the major benefits:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: imagine meeting the deadlines of all of your delivery slots or collections every time. RouteSmart™ offers accurate and precise delivery and collection predictions, so your customers won’t be left waiting around all day as you provide them with a narrower yet nonetheless reliable time slot.
  • More environmentally-friendly credentials: from customers to regulatory bodies, there is greater awareness and expectation that organisations today should be as green and sustainable as possible. More efficient routes reduce your vehicle emissions and improve your fuel efficiency.
  • Financial gains: efficient routes mean lower fuel bills, as well as more deliveries or collections, made per day, while greener travel and an improved service due to delivery or collection times met means more recommendations for your services.
  • With so much to gain, it’s well worth trying Integrated Skills’ route optimisation software to see if it’s right for you and your organisation.

    Get in touch with our expert team today to learn more.


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