Driving down emissions: Rolling out EV fleets with route optimisation

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Apr 30, 2021

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With mounting pressure to meet carbon reduction targets, many local authorities have implemented sustainable transport policies, including electric vehicle fleets. A key task has been to introduce electric cars and vans for various services. In a bid to provide greener vehicles, Aebi Schmidt recently introduced the eSwingo 200+, an electric street-cleansing vehicle. According to LAPV, the eSwingo 200+ is one of the quietest, cleanest and most cost-efficient vehicles available.

The case for electric vehicles

The Local Government Authority have championed the use of electric vehicles. To transition from internal combustion engines to all electric, the UK government have also introduced a target of 20 years. Key motivation for these progressive goals in policy include:

  • Decreasing pollution
  • Minimise carbon footprint
  • Ultimately limiting the affects of climate change

Currently in the UK, 28% of greenhouse gases are emitted by transport – a majority stake. 87% of transport emissions are generated by road transport. Reducing the carbon emissions produced by the Local Authority is challenging. It’s difficult to keep up with the targets and developments, on top of establishing solutions to tackle it. See more on this in one of our recent webinars. A project incorporating the deployment of electric street cleansing and waste collection vehicles would see a great reduction in the carbon footprint for any Local Authorities ready to undertake the transformation.

Greener vehicles and Smart Cities

Establishing a fleet of electric vehicles will allow Local Authorities to cut emissions drastically. Investment in local infrastructure is essential though to meet new requirements for electric transport, such as an increase in the number of charging points. Sustainability is at the core of electric vehicle deployment, a key component of the Smart City inventory. At Integrated Skills, we are looking forward to these developments and taking on the challenge of integrating our solutions with greener vehicles of the future. Connecting world-leading route optimisation solutions with zero-emission transport will limit the time vehicles spend on the road and this will help in reducing the regularity of charging and maintenance. Combining route optimisation with the roll-out of electric vehicle fleets for waste & recycling collections, street cleansing and winter maintenance will ensure that these services are greener than ever before, as well as being as efficient as possible.

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