Digital Transformation with GIS & The Cloud

Written by Integrated Skills

Why we love the Cloud

It’s an exciting time for digital transformation, especially when related to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). At Integrated Skills, we offer you the potential to improve your IT experience with cloud-based solutions. They are at the heart of our business model, as well as many of the packages that we offer, so we know how well they work. 

Technology is a key component of modern life. Cloud-based computing is one way to fuse your business with the latest data solutions. Below we talk about some of the benefits your business can enjoy by shifting your GIS to the cloud.

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Processing speed, and data loss

GIS requires a large quantity of location based data to be processed regularly. Route-planning with GIS means regular analysis and making subsequent amendments, so the data is always changing. The volume of data involved in some GIS projects often cause servers to run sub-optimally, so the ability to spread data-intensive processes across the Cloud is an ideal solution for enhanced processing speed. Data loss is one of the big nightmares for any large project, and organisation. With cloud-based services from Integrated Skills data is always readily available. We protect the map and related data that has been diligently updated.


When you use a cloud-based solution, you pay for the space you use. Share the cost of the server with the other businesses using Integrated Skills.

You don’t need to spend time and money on updates either. The team at Integrated Skills ensure that you always have the latest version of the software you use.

Super-fast maintenance

Even with a maintenance contract in place, you still have to wait for a visit from the ‘IT bod’ when you have your own server. With cloud-based solutions, we can immediately access your connection to diagnose any issues. This means less downtime for your business. You’re less likely to experience problems because of our detailed maintenance schedule.

Reduce restrictions

The cloud doesn’t tie you to any one location. You or your employees can access data on the move. This makes it ideal for tracking remote jobs, route planning, national projects and so on. Whatever the shape of your business, the cloud fits and increases your freedom. And is secure!

Pass on the benefits

All these cost-savings and improved efficiency mean a tighter business model for you. Pass the savings onto your customers to gain an edge in the market. You could also reinvest in your employees or business to grow your assets. Outsourcing your GIS to Integrated Skills means adding us to your team. We want to see you succeed, so we keep on being a part of what you do. Get in touch to find out more about your tailored GIS cloud-based solution.

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