Step-by-Step: How to develop a waste management and disposal strategy

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Jun 10, 2019

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Waste Management

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When it comes to waste management systems, the team at Integrated Skills combine experience, historical data and support with meticulous planning and innovation. Hitting all the right notes in these areas can make for a seamless and efficient strategy that solves problems and helps to make the world a better place. At Integrated Skills, we have put together this step by step guide to show you the kind of processes that we follow when working with businesses like yours.

Find the right people

Any plan needs a team behind it to drive results. The first thing you need to do is find the right people within and outside of your organisation to take on the task of developing a waste management system. When you have chosen your internal team, it’s time to call on us to join you for development, setup and implementation. You are the experts in your field so finding professionals who are able to provide support structures is the next step.

Waste Integrated Skills

Set a framework

If you follow a detailed strategy when developing your waste management system, the information you need to get started will naturally become clear. At Integrated Skills, we have international experience helping companies to evolve their strategies based on defining clear goals and objectives.

Goals are the general results you are looking for, objectives and the smaller, well-defined steps you need to take to get there. Once these are established, you can keep your project on track by repeatedly checking your actions against your framework.

Whatever your waste management parameters, we can help you identify your goals and objectives on every level from individual staff members to global.

Identify the issues

Waste management plans need to be centred on the major options: reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose. Working through the possibilities in each of these areas results in a tight and efficient plan. 

Knowing about the materials you need to deal with tells you how many pathways you need to create to deal with the whole. This might give you data such as vehicle requirements, third-party needs and level of hazard involved.

Knowing the volume of each type of waste can be used as figures for defining other numbers later on such as resources, staff numbers and hours, and targets. The relationship between these different numbers and your options can be adjusted and refined using waste management software from Integrated Skills.

Set targets

Your targets might include times, costs or figures related to the different waste processing options. We can help you define the numbers that are important to your project. These can be tracked using waste management software from Integrated Skills. This allows you to produce reports, so you know where to improve and when you’ve achieved your goals.

waste management route optimisation Integrated Skills

Make improvements

Once you’re up and running, the strategy does not stop there. You need processes in place to help you continue to grow, adapt and get better. You may have set review or reporting periods, or you might have sudden changes in circumstances that you need to respond to.

One of the advantages we can offer with our support and waste management software is adaptability. You can use real-time data to improve your service quickly. In the long-term, you can create reports that can be used to feedback to regulators and employers or integrated into staff training.

Define communications

Communication is a key part of any waste management strategy. If you have clear lines and strategies, you can always monitor accountability and ensure that your team can identify potential issues. Our systems can automate some of your communications to reduce time spent on admin while also keeping accurate records. Ad-hoc communication benefits from the support provided by our reporting systems.

Ensure compliance

Compliance can make or break a waste management company. Those who have a firm grip on their compliance issues will gain a reputation for diligence and reliability. Without it, there can be serious legal implications as well as a loss of trust in your service. Our software can help you stay on top of all the legislation related to waste in your area. This includes historical guidelines as well as current laws. This needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that all practices are up to date. Review processes can be integrated into your strategy.

Find out more

This general framework can contain endless variations that fit perfectly with the waste management needs of your project or location. At Integrated Skills, our team are standing by to combine our adaptable services with your in-depth knowledge of the demands of your development. Get in touch to explore the potential and to get started.

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