Data and The Single Source of Truth

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Jun 6, 2016

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Waste Management

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Your waste facility may have several software applications it employs for the optimisation of collection routes or the management of industrial, commercial and household waste. But can too many applications be detrimental?
Which Version of Data is the Correct One?

Often when a facility uses several applications to manage data, they end up with several versions of that data. Which is most truthful? This is the issue that often crops up when more than one application is used. Although using more than one application at a time can be very beneficial when quick additions of new functions are needed, or when you need to diversify functionality to manage new processes, things can get out of control when it comes to data. The key here is to designate a ‘single source of truth’; a system from which all data flows, and one where any data changes follow a well-documented change management process.
Untrustworthy Data

When spreadsheets, manual entry and batch uploads collide, difficult data administration is the result. Not only that but the importing and exporting that must take place, as well as manual checks can cause data to become wholly untrustworthy. But even worse is what untrustworthy data can do if left unchecked. All too often, this can result in incorrect numbers, leading to a completely misleading operational and cost figures.
The Benefits of a Single Software Solution

The ability to manage all of your facility’s process using a single software product are many and varied. Not only does doing so eliminate the need for several applications, but data management occurs from beginning to end using the same software. The data managed by a single application maintains its integrity throughout the process, ensuring no errors once the time for report production arrives.
Data Matching

The matching of data is yet another benefit of using a single solution. No longer does the validity of data need to be called into question; rather, data can be matched with any data already in the system that’s deemed to be similar, and reported on automatically.
The Same Data, Everywhere

A single application allows for access from multiple locations – or even share data with contractors – as well as always being up to date regardless of when or how many times data may be accessed.
Easy Data Maintenance

Many single software solutions allow for the effortless maintenance of data via automatic processes. The safe storage of data further ensures its integrity.
Management of Software Applications

If there is a need to continue to have several applications to manage your facility or its routes and schedules, then a single source of truth should be identified ASAP. A change management process must be in place, and adhered too.

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