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Alison Crooks of ISL’s environmental planning, permitting and consultancy services team returns from a project in the Falkand Islands.

ISL’s environmental permitting and consultancy team, led by Alison Crooks, continues to provide advice and services to a number of organisations in the waste management sector.

Alison has just returned from the Falkland Islands where she conducted a waste audit. She accompanied the waste collection team and undertook an analysis of the waste with a view of providing advice on recycling as well as waste minimisation and re-use opportunities.

She returned by way of Ascension Island and carried out another waste audit. Whilst on the islands she managed to snap some pictures of the local wildlife!

Alison’s most recent projects include winning planning permission on Appeal for a large private sector waste facility in Essex and also gaining planning permission from Surrey County Council for the development of a 10,000 tonnes per year open windrow composting facility. The application faced significant opposition from local residents and there had been two previous attempts by the applicant. A major constraint to overcome was the location of the site in the Green Belt.

Alison and her team provide a wide range of services including:

  • Planning applications and Appeals
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Environmental Permit Applications and Appeals
  • Accident Management Plans and Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Management Systems and related compliance documentation
  • Site Condition Reports
  • Advice on Environmental Permitting Regulations
  • Exempt Activities
  • Technical Competence

Environmental Planning and Consultancy are at the core of Integrated Skills services offering. We are dedicated to providing the best data and solutions in the waste management sector, enabling great savings and improved efficiency for governments, local authorities and contractors alike.

Please get in touch if you require recommendations or just a chat about how we can help your service.

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