Webinar: RouteSmart Masterclass – ArcGIS Online Data Capture

Webinar hosted by Integrated Skills

March 2022

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As many of you know, ESRI ArcGIS is the underlying software used for RouteSmart. You may not know, that included with your ArcGIS licence, you have a wealth of online products and tools available to you.

In this webinar, ISL would like to showcase some of the tools for data capture within ArcGIS Online, such as Survey 123, Field Maps and Dashboards.

Survey 123 and Field Maps allow you to capture point, line and polygon data when out in the field, on your phone or tablet devices. Dashboards then allows you to visualise the results of your survey on one screen as a variety of maps, statistics, lists and charts.

These tools are fantastic for carrying out bin surveys for your communal locations or litter bins, and for plotting polygon areas such as grass areas for mowing. The content of this webinar is suitable for waste, winter maintenance and street cleansing applications.

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