WinRoute 8.0 Released

Written by Integrated Skills

Jun 28, 2016

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The latest version of Europe’s leading multi-drop route planning software is released – WinRoute 8.0.

Integrated Skills (UK) Ltd is delighted to announce the availability of WinRoute 8.0 for the UK market. Europe’s leading multi-drop route planning software just got better! More features, enhanced functionality and faster processing times keeps WinRoute at the forefront of the route planning software market.

WinRoute is now 64-Bit so can cope with larger, more detailed maps and produce results quicker. The latest road restrictions (bridge height, weight, turn restrictions, etc.) are also available.

The most significant new feature is the introduction of a web browser that shows all the route plans made in WinRoute available to anyone with permissions to view. The past, current and future plans can be browsed and searched, for example, by customer name and ID. The browser also allows non-WinRoute users to lookup the ETA for a planned delivery. The browser is accessible from any device – mobile or fixed – as long as the device can access the company’s network.

WinRoute 8.0 comes with a completely new security mechanism to allow (or disallow) users from seeing or manipulating data. WinRoute 8.0 will use the Windows User as identification so there is no need any more to provide log-in credentials when starting WinRoute. The Permissions have also been reworked to provide a larger set of control for system administrators.

The frequency planning functionality within WinRoute 8.0 has also been enhanced. Users can specify to start the route on any week day regardless of when the first delivery is made (e.g. drivers can leave on a Sunday to arrive for first delivery on a Monday).

Backhauls can now be imported and planned in WinRoute. Any order flagged as backhaul can be considered an ‘optional’ order that does not NEED to be planned. The only reason to plan them is because they generate a profit that, being subtracted from the global cost, results in a cheaper plan: A backhaul that introduces more costs than profit will not be planned.

About Integrated Skills (UK) Limited and Descartes Systems Group

Integrated Skills (UK) Limited ( operating out of Romsey near Southampton, is a specialist provider of routeing and optimisation software solutions. ISL’s routeing and optimisation software solutions maximise efficiency through enhanced route planning resulting in reductions in fleet size, mileage, planning time and human resource, more balanced routes/rounds, more accurate ETAs and enhanced route management information. The software is used in operational and strategic environments as well as for scenario planning when introducing new customers, vehicles, routes and services.

ISL is the leading partner of RouteSmart Technologies Inc.™ ( for high density, door-by-door and street-by-street route optimisation software as used in Local Government Services, Postal Services, Newspaper Distribution, Environmental Services and in the Utility sector for meter reading, meter inspections and meter implementation programmes. RouteSmart’s underlying GIS technology is from ESRI (

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