Integrated Skills Wins Environmental Project in Mongolia

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Jan 28, 2013

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By Rachel Wildblood, Principal Environmental

January 2013

Integrated Skills has won a contract with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to undertake an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for an urban transport project in Ulaanbaatar. The contract will be implemented by our Environmental Specialist, Rachel Wildblood, who is part of our international team of consultants.

ADB is a high profile development bank, implementing loan and grant projects throughout Asia. ADB is currently working with the Municipal Government to tackle the urban transport problem in Ulaanbaatar. The capital city’s constant traffic and poor public transport provision is stifling economic development and creating additional pressures for residents in poverty.

The IEE undertaken by Integrated Skills contributes to addressing the environmental safeguard needs of ADB’s ‘Ulaanbaatar Urban Transport Development Project’. The project involves road and intersection rehabilitation and installation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Integrated Skills is responsible for analysing the environmental impacts from the project and proposing mitigating actions in a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan.

Rachel went to Mongolia in December 2012 to undertake the field work required for the IEE, spending several weeks at the project sites in Ulaanbaatar. The environment in Mongolia is harsh, with severe winters, so field work was conducted in temperatures of around –20 oc. The climate will play a role in the BRT development as the long winters mean the construction season is short, however ADB anticipates that the BRT project will begin implementation in 2013.

Further information on the Ulaanbaatar Urban Transport Development Project can be found here:

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