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Service Location Tracking and Data Gathering App

TrackSmart is our Service Location Tracking and Data Gathering App. It is a mobile application that collects and digitises service route data in sequence.


The TrackSmart application is downloaded and installed to a mobile phone or tablet. It can then be carried on a person or placed in a vehicle. The simple interface allows users to log in, choose a route and then let the app do the work.


As the route is travelled, the journey is captured by the app, recording accurate and regular GPS locations as well as allowing the user to make reports and catalogue status changes. The data collected can then be imported to RouteSmart for ArcGIS or just ArcMap to be visualised and edited in detail.

Combined with our web service, TrackSmart enables organisations to survey routes by recording accurate and regular locations combined with status changes and reports. It can be downloaded and installed on any Android device. RouteSmart users should contact their account manager requesting an invitation to download the app.

TrackSmart provides the tools ideal for:

  • Gathering accurate route data prior to routing
  • Calculating reliable service speed and time
  • Performance benchmarking