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Roadwork Coordination & Management

Trafficworx is a software solution for planning and co-ordinating road (street) works used by highways authorities and related stakeholders (utility companies, contractors, emergency services, etc).

It is typically delivered as a web service that links the Highways Authority with all those parties that may have reason to undertake road excavations and / or closures as well as those who need to know which roads are closed or are likely to be congested due to road works.

Trafficworx uses digital mapping, a planning database and automated procedures to allow stakeholders to plan works, to co-ordinate works with other stakeholders, and to indicate precisely when and where the works will take place. As information moves between the HA and stakeholders, applications for planned works are approved and information is automatically published on a website, enabling the public to see where approved road works will be or are currently being carried out. The system also handles a vast array of other processes essential to effective road works planning, co-ordination and implementation including inspection and rectification procedures for reinstatements.

The Trafficworx solution was originally developed for the States of Guernsey, where it is known locally as IRIS (Island Roads Information System). Since the introduction of IRIS, the number of excavations and road closures has been reduced by more than 20%, mainly as a result of trench sharing through improved planning and co-ordination. It has also been widely acclaimed by service users, the emergency services and the public at large.

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